MetaStock Professional

MetaStock is a popular charting software used by Indian Traders. MetaStock Professional is a product from Equis International. Realtime data of nimbleDataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite is compatible with MetaStock Professional.

Features of Version 11 :

  1. 6 NEW Name Brand Systems
  2. 43 NEW Adaptive Indicators
  3. 6 NEW RMO Alerts
  4. 2 NEW Stops
  5. 17 NEW Indicators

Disclaimer :

  1. We are neither associated with Equis International (or with any of its subsidiaries or parent company) nor we sell this product. For more information about this product as well as for purchasing, you will need to contact the developer directly at the ‘Link’ given below.
  2. Although our datafeed is compatible with MetaStock Professional, we are not the charting platform suggested data vendor. If you are looking for officially supported data vendor, please contact the developer directly at the ‘Link’ given below.
  3. For more details, please read our disclaimer