MTPredictor is a Technical Analysis Software Program that is based on Steve’s Griffiths unique “Isolation Approach” to Elliott Wave Analysis. Steve has 30 years’ experience in the markets and has consolidated this experience into one, easy to use, software program that takes the best from the simple ABC Elliott Wave Pattern, and has combined it with Professional Position Sizing to create Automatic Trade Setups. MTPredictor does not stop there, it also has a unique Volume based Trade setup based around the “Professional Money” and is designed to catch “fake outs” as Professionals shift sentiment at Market Tops and Bottoms.
MTPredictor also has a number of Manual Tools, including the Decision Point (A leading tool designed to project “in advance” support and resistance zones) that will help the Professional Trader, isolate and then analyse potential trade setups. all the time focusing on keeping small losses small and Profits large.
MTPredictor was launched in 2001, and for over 16 years now has served Traders all over the world. It does not matter what Markets you Trade (Futures, Stocks, Currencies or Commodities), MTPredictor is there for you, finding trades and helping you control your Trading Risk.
MTPredictor has a special Purchase Price of MTPredictor for Indian Customers. For more information and to purchase, please see http://www.mtpredictor.in