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My experience with Global Datafeed in the last 5-years was pleasant (surprisingly consistent) and extremely overwhelmed with their professional support, where the entire team is synchronized to take care of the client. Yes, Global Datafeed subscription is bit expensive compared to other products in the market, where if we understand and experience (with others) will make us realize that “Quality asks for money” / “if we throw peanuts we get monkeys and not Arabian Horses”.

In my experience as an F&O trader, I had the opportunity to try various other data providers in parallel and if you are a serious trader and cannot afford delay or downtime or do not like to be restricted with predefined set of symbols offerings (like most of the existing players in Indian market offer) then the right data provider is Global Datafeed. Also, recently I did try one more data provider who appears to be patronized by many trading houses in the country do charge practically double what Global Data charges you towards the subscription. Moreover, this good old data provider has a legacy system (2-3 decades old) and while this company charges double than what Global Data, has nothing to offer to excite you other than a 3-5seconds (minimum) delay and frequent freezes in the data transmission when you witness rapid movement/spikes in the market. Also, let us do understand that NSE charges are very steep with respect to RT data (real time data which is being provided by Global Datafeed) with huge variance in price and delayed data. Also, some of the data providers in the country do offer at half the price, I have my serious doubts on whether they source the data directly from NSE and not from free supporting sites like Yahoo and others.

Also, I being a certified ITIL expert, I have closely observed the management and the team’s response in terms of service level management & communications, I was surprised to witness with pleasure that most of the team members remain with the company in the last 5-years (low iteration) which indicates that the management believes that its an employee friendly entity to derive the client happiness.

The entire team of this company are simple and honest people who are willing to go extra mile to address your support issues (honestly, I have never witnessed any problem not more than one or two times in a span of 5-years).

If you do not compare apples with bananas and you happen to be a serious F&O trader and not to be bogged down with data integrity & reliability in all respects, the only provider in the country is none other than Global Datafeeds. I am confident that Global Datafeed along with excellent team will continue to maintain its current day standards of excellence, if not better in the future to come.
Individual Trader
Venkat R.S.
Well we been using charts since 1990 and though started using Global data feed services for last 2 years, (I) must say that the quality, reliability, SPEED and connectivity of data been impeccable. We can say this with more surety because we use every possible data vendor available in India with various platforms.

So what started as a 'lets test Global data feed and its service' has now became a MUST use service.

The support team been helpful and understanding and highly co operative when ever needed. Just at times, we felt that some times their handling of query on data and the charting platform its being used upon is slightly lacking and took a small bit more time to resolve. Thats the only zone where we felt can be done bit more, but rest been a good journey with you till now and hope to have it in future too.

Wishing you and your team the very best
Teji Mandi Analytics Pvt. ltd.
Anil Gandhi
Accurate and reliable price volume data is vital for any technical trader. After several unsatisfactory experiences I came across Global Datafeeds and I knew my search for a good data vendor had ended. And here is why -

1) Because of the variety of products offered I pay for only the data I need and am not forced to unnecessarily pay for something which I am not using.

2) I am free to use the charting platform (Metastock in my case) of my choice. A strange and unwelcome software is not forced upon me.

3) Data is accurate and the end of day files in standard excel format help me to keep my database in good shape which is vital to the health of any trader.

4)Rarely but whenever needed the live support is courteous and knowledgeable to efficiently address any problem.
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

S.B.Dewan Stock Broking Ltd. Director
Kapil Dewan
My name is Deepak Kamra, I am a trader.

About your services i can just say EXCELLENT, which is indeed a rare commodity in India. I have been using your data feed for the last 3 years or so, i've never had any reason to complain either on your product or services, both of which have been outstanding. I would recommend your services to any serious trader in the market who is looking out for savvy technology, accuracy of data, freedom from disconnectivity related hassles and a very prompt response time in case of the rare troubleshooting.

Keep up the professionalism.
Individual Trader
Deepak Kamra
Its wrong to say Global Datafeeds is a company that cares ! Global Datafeeds is actually a company that 'really' cares for their clients ! I have been using their product for past 20 months now and never ever faced a major problem !

With other data vendors I used in the past, apart from regular stoppage of datafeed and missed ticks there was a problem of a few seconds delay in Data but I am delighted to say that there is no delay in Data from Global. If there is some delay it is imperceptible when compared with my brokers Neat Terminal! The chart and the Neat terminal shows the same level always.

As much as I appreciate their Data feed, I must say their Support team needs the same appreciation if not more. On rare occasions when I needed some assistance not only were they very prompt but also very patient with a customer like me who has minimal knowledge of Computers.

It has been a smooth sailing all along!!! Thank you Global, thank you very much!
Individual Trader Kolkata
Ravindra Kumar Karnani
your products are best in the country with impeccable prompt service... believe me tried various services providers ;)... a bit high on fees part ... but that you make up in quality data and service.... so no issues. one thing like to point out .. if u can provide more backfill atleast for 6 months will be very good... also for commodities if can provide continuous data as in equities...if backfill not possible then at least provide compiled 6 months downloadable intraday data to users... rest all ok.
Equities Moderator Tradonomix Websolutions Private Limited
Mrageish Sabharwal
My experience with GDFL has been fantastic so far,your data quality and speed is impeccable ,I don't have to wake up hoping and praying that the data is going to be accurate and there wont be any issue with the data server ,this has been my experience with other data vendors in the past.

The last but not the least your "Customer Service" is truly international,there have been so many occasions where you have gone out of your way to find answers to my query's,you have gone beyond customer satisfaction,what you have achieved is "Customer Delight",I wish you all the best.
Individual Trader
The support team has pretty much been soft at responding to queries and have more or less solved most issues quickly.

Only improvement seen from my end would be if the historical currency data could be available for a longer tenure.
Individual Trader
Praveen Kanakala
Good morning....
When compared to other data vendors,
...... Charges are less
...... Compatible
...... Data accuracy..

but sometimes, when unrealistic rates come, we must be in a position to correct the same, online.... say.... there are days when Banknifty trades around 15100, we get 15600 as opening, though it has not traded actually... For this, you are not responsible. What NSE gives, you are feeding the same... This affects the charting pattern, and not in a position to take a trade decision for some time....2/3 hours.... If in a position to correct the data for chart purpose it will help the traders, in a big way....

(2) Many people are not aware of your existence... Hosting Seminars, Inviting people for get together may be attempted for, keeping the cost in mind....

Reliable, resilient and racing fast data-feed.

I have been using the Nimbledata Pro product from Global Data Feeds for a while and have found the data feed is truly real-time and suitable for algo-trading. Recovery from any system errors is very simple and with a ready help from the support team and quick back-fills from their the servers. In fact I have never have had to wait for a solution from the support team.

Their claim that the data does not change after-market is true to its word, a big must for algo-trading.

I am a thoroughly satisfied customer of a 5 star product.
(President, Algorithmic Trading and Research) Competent Finman Pvt. Ltd.
Sanjit Singh Paul
I am subscriber of NSE F&O Data services, provided by your company, from August 2010. I am glad to say that your uninterrupted data services, real time supports, EOD supports are excellent. I have observed that you have set and adhered to high service standards, all the time.

I admire that your company is fully aware of sensitivity of the trading and investment business and hence always provided excellent and timely support as and when required. To quote one example, on 28th June 2013, when your site was experiencing some issues, you immediately provided alternate link through which support can be received. (Data server and data were working fine at that time). This single step taken by you on that day was sufficient assurance to the trader about ready availability of supports. (However, services were smooth and user never required to avail support).

It gives sense of security to the service recipients / users as they are always assured of uninterrupted data and immediate support in case required.

In one sentence, I can say your services are reliable, dependable and accurate.

Whatever I have mentioned above is the conclusion arrived at after experiencing your services.

PS: I am not writing above for the sake of writing and I am not telling this first time. I attach herewith my mails dated 06/May/2014, 16/Sep/2012 and your mail dated 28/June/2013 for kind reference.
Individual Trader
Hitesh J Pandya
I am feeling very glad to give a review.

your service of data product is fantastic,fast and perfect ,i can say same for your online support

Thanking you once again for providing best available service in data product,without this i am helpless for trading
payaswi infotech Surat
Pinakin Patel(prop)
I am using your data services last one and half year or so. Initially it was just on trial basis , based to recommendation I had from a fellow trader. But what me stick was that apart from providing data in easy way for my amibroker, the way your customer support staff handles the problem of installation , in case customer like me gets stuck in way.

In few weeks of installation , I had to format my pc and had to reinstall everything. Now I understood that it would require reinstallation of each product but asking for that over email, made me weary because I think phone works faster. In this area your company shines through, though it is hard to get at first, but once I started online chat in my account section, the person who handled the situation, solved it in 15 min straight using remote access software. And over last one and half year, similar kind of problem have cropped up nearly 7-8 times. Each time , problem was solved with prompt with some hiccups here and there, which I am ready to ignore in favour of overall experience.

On my machine recently data feed software is taking time to load when I start it in morning, but I didn’t get time to ask for help yet, else I am sure that it would have been solved by now.

So overall I will say, I am satisfied long term customer of your company’s product.
Kesar Investments
Rohit Malik
I have been using your product ever-since you started providing data, since Sep 2010. I am currently having 2 licenses of your product both for the NSE F&O annual pack. I am very satisfied with your service especially handling of support issues is very quick and prompt. Also since you are an exchange authorised data vendor, I do not have to worry about the quality of the real time feed, if you know what I mean ;-).

Once again I would like to praise your support service for uptime, quality and quick response time.
Bhagwandas Gordhandas Financial Pvt Ltd
Akash Shah
NimbleDataPlusLite is, I think, "An out of box thinking product."

I am using NimbleDataPlusLite as I mostly trade Nifty Futures, occasionally some Nifty Options, and this product not only helps me to cut my RT data cost but also helps me concentrate on my trading by limiting the numbers of scrips to a total of 5 that can be tracked in RT.

NimbleDataPlusLite restricts me from wandering around in other scrips which are of no concern to me.

Technically your product is worth using it. Before I started using your RT Data services, I have used other vendors RT services and the one of the technical difficulty I used to face was backfill. At times, I had to literally delete my Nifty Future data file and start it all over again and boy, believe me that was not only wasting my time but brain frying as well.

I can say that I am completely satisfied with your NimbleDataPlusLite as it suffice my requirement at multiple levels (like), --- Costing, --- No time wasted during Backfill, --- Does not have to bother about Accuracy, --- Data is consistent during trading hours

The most important feature about your product is, it can be used on multiple charting platform. This is a unique program that I admire the most. And also one of the most brilliant way to maximize your investment.

I salute your entire Technical and Administration team to have come up with such a simple but technically competent RT Data Service which is Truly Awesome.

Since I am only using your Nimble Lite I have no idea about your other programs, but I feel that they also truly feature worthy.
Individual Trader
Kshetij Thakker
I have been using the GDFL product NimbleDataPro for more than an year now & am very happy with the product plus the support I get. This was the first time I used a realtime datafeed & it was really very simple & easy to understand in terms of use as well as in term of service. I did try other providers in between but was disappointed with them more so because I guess I was using the best in this field already. The IEOD data also is a big plus as it helps us to view the charts & analyse offline too.

Yes, pricing is one thing which I feel for a small time trader & learner like me is on the higher side but then no complaints on the quality for the time period I have used the product.
Proprietor Siddhi Technologies
Uttam Goel
I am pretty happy with your services. Overall I would give you a 4 out of 5 rating the only reason i hold back from giving you a perfect rating is that you should be providing direct support through phone as well. i think thats the only thing missing in your services as of now apart from that im very satisfied with your services. Continue the good Work!!
Individual Trader
Vikrant Sharma
I have been using GFDL data feed for about 3 years, and would say that the online support that the company provides has been very prompt. In our country where lack of authentic data for traders has been a huge setback, GFDL has filled the gap.

Suggestions :- 1. Real time data for spot index, NIFTY, SENSEX etc 2. EOD data (daily time frame) segregated as per sectors, small caps, spilts, dividends etc for NSE cash segment 3. World market indices, Dollar index etc, EOD data.

I understand that for the 2nd and 3rd point, one can get the data from yahoo finance, but if you could integrate it with your software for a nominal charge, I believe many traders might be interested.

Wish you and GFDL all the success and keep up the good work.
Individual Trader
Don Ghosh
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