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We work with a vast eco-system of vendors and like-minded organizations to provide rich trading experience to our users.

 Amibroker logo


AmiBroker is an award-winning, real-time analysis platform for stocks and futures. Designed for individual investors having limited experience as well as professional investors, AmiBroker delivers advanced charting, high-speed portfolio-level backtesting, optimization, user-defined alerts, and programmable indicators in a single, powerful, yet affordable platform.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPro   NimbleDataPlusLite   NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataProVM   NimbleDataPlusLiteVM   NimbleDataProPlusVM

 MS Excel logo

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is increasingly used by Indian stock market traders – especially Options traders – for their analysis and live trading decisions now a days.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop –  NimbleExcelLite  NimbleExcelPro

For Server –  NimbleExcelLiteVM  NimbleExcelProVM

 Ninjatrader 7 logo

NinjaTrader 7

Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader, LLC has quickly emerged as a leading developer of high-performance trading software. The company’s flagship trading platform, NinjaTrader, is a FREE application for advanced charting, market analytics, system development and trade simulation.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop –  NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Ninjatrader 8 logo

NinjaTrader 8

The next generation of NinjaTrader has arrived! NinjaTrader 8 packs over 500 user driven enhancements into a completely modernized framework and UI while maintaining a consistent user experience for traders.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleNTLite   NimbleNTPro

For Server –  NimbleNTLiteVM  NimbleNTProVM

 Metastock logo

MetaStock Professional

MetaStock has been providing award-winning charting and analysis tools for the self-directed trader for over 30 years. Capitalizing on technical analysis, our line of trading software and market data are designed for active traders of all levels so they can backtest, scan and analyze the markets with confidence.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – nimbleDataPlusLite  nimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  nimbleDataPlusLiteVM   nimbleDataProPlusVM

 MotiveWave logo


MotiveWave’s Analysis and Trading Platform allows professional trading and analysis of equities, futures, options and forex online using leading edge tools.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleKey

 Multicharts logo


Whether you need day trading software or you invest for longer periods, MultiCharts has features that may help achieve your trading goals. High-definition charting, built-in indicators and strategies, one-click trading from chart and DOM, high-precision backtesting, brute-force and genetic optimization, automated execution and support for EasyLanguage scripts are all key tools at your disposal.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Advanced GET logo

Advanced GET

Advanced GET allows you to approach your trading with a new sense of purpose. Whether you are an experienced trader looking for one more edge to compliment your existing trading, a beginner looking for an objective rule based approach, or just simply looking for a trader friendly charting package, Advanced GET can fulfill your needs. Whether you trade Tick charts, Minute bars or Daily Bars; Mutual Funds or Currencies, Stocks or Spreads, Advanced GET is the software for the serious trader.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Ensign 10 logo

Ensign 10

ENSIGN is powerful Charting software used by Traders, Investors, and Brokers around the world. Whether you are a new trader or a professional, ENSIGN has the features that can help you achieve your trading goals. Download the software today and experience the power of ENSIGN’s Charting and Technical Analysis tools!!

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

NeuroShell Trader logo

Neuroshell Trader

NeuroShell Trader is a technical analysis and trading software program that enables users to build trading systems in minutes without coding. The software includes a proprietary neural network that trains itself on the data, creates its own rules, and generates trading signals. The built-in genetic algorithm finds the best indicator parameters, trading rules and inputs to neural nets. Traditional trading rules may be combined with neural net predictions to produce more accurate models.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Fibonacci Trader logo

Fibonacci Trader

Developed by Robert Krausz, who was featured in the Jack Schwager’s book New Market Wizards, Fibonacci Trader is a true multiple time frame analysis software package for professional traders. All charts have the capacity to plot indicators on three different time frames, which enables traders see what weekly and daily indicators are displaying compared to their intraday indicators on the same chart, all real-time. Fibonacci Trader works on all markets, stocks or futures, foreign and domestic. There are over 200 indicators and tools, many not available elsewhere.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Galactic Trader logo

Galactic Trader

When Jeanne Long’s book the “Universal Clock” sold worldwide, traders who profited from her concepts had only one major request: COMPUTERIZE. After checking the core trading ideas (that had to be hand calculated daily) the feedback from traders was such that computerization was inevitable. Research that took weeks now takes 15 minutes; trading parameters that took hours are now instantly available.

Typically, Jeanne Long was not satisfied to put out a “state of the art” Astro Trading and Research program. A mega leap was called for. The “Galactic Trader” is the happy result. It really is the first program in the world that handles Real Time Market (down to 1 minute bars) and Real Time Planetary information and movements at the same time on one screen.

Planetary cycles and trading tools can be used in a number of ways. Many traders (whether they admit or not) have been using astronomical information for years (including W.D. Gann). In this context it is the price that is the variable and the astronomical data is the fixed at any point in time into the future. It is this fact that gave rise to one of Jeanne Long’s revolutionary concepts of changing the Planetary position of the Universe into price lines on screen after splitting it into units of 24.

As these astronomical positions are all mathematical, their transposition as prices onto the screen provide Support/Resistance/Speed Lines that can be measured and plotted into the future. Furthermore, as these Planetary Lines have had their mathematical points fixed for thousands of years, using them to backtest their validity of Support/Resistance for any specific market can be readily checked and used. Obviously one of the strengths of the program ability to backtest the validity of the appropriate Planetary Lines.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 ELWAVE logo


ELWAVE is the premiere automated real-time Elliot Wave software, offering fully labeled charts, projecting targets and exits, trend channels and a Summary that gives a clear and concise overview of signals on multiple time frames.

On top of that you get a charting engine optimized for use with Elliott Wave based trading and a myriad of features such as real-time alerts, extensive scripting capabilities including custom indicators and easy to use, template based, realtime Alerts and Conditions, Scanning and much, much more.

ELWAVE 10 adds Condition Scripts which can be used for instance to define additional entry or exit criteria, such as a trailing-stop, to be used in combination with Elliott Wave based signals. The new Action Scripts allow you to create scripts that connect ELWAVE to other programs (for example your broker’s trading interface). In addition ELWAVE 10 offers vastly improved multi-monitor support and numerous other enhancements.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 AbleSys logo

AbleTrend by AbleSys

AbleSys Trading Software Never Miss Any Chance!

Trading is a zero-sum game. That means that every gain by one trader is offset by an equal loss by other traders. One man’s pain is another man’s gain. Obviously, it is every trader’s goal to be on the winning side of the equation. The question is how? What is the key to success in trading? Trading signal (strategy) is one of the four key elements of trading success. Find out why AbleTrend trading system can help your approach to trading success.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 Wave 59 logo


Unlike other platforms, Wave59 was not designed by marketing people, sales agents, or entrepreneurs. It was designed by active traders primarily for their own personal use, and because of this you’ll find that the sofware is different in a lot of ways to what is more commonly found in the retail arena. If you are looking for something more than the typical over-simplified red-light/green-light analysis commonly presented by most software vendors, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you start working with the unique tools found in W59. You’ll notice the difference the minute you bring up your first chart.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 Artha Chitra logo


ArthaChitra is a charting, analytical and trading platform and dons features like advanced charting, trading directly from chart, real-time market scanner, automated trading, backtesting and optimizing to name a few. Custom code a host of objects including indicators, strategies, bar types, chart style, drawing objects etc using SharpScript, a C# based scripting language. In a first of its kind ArthaChitra lets users to design views/UI using Xaml templates.

ArthaChitra will now process the order using the Fyers API. In case any of you wishes to process order you can connect to Fyers using ArthaChitra. For more details about how to use Fyers using ArthaChitra please check Fyers Connection. You can watch video for the same here.

You will find the video which shows how to configure the Global Datafeed connection with ArthaChitra here.

You will also find the video which shows how to place order via charts and place bracket orders here.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 PTS Primo Charts logo

PTS Primo Charts

Get ready for a new concept for stock charts. PTS Primo Charts can be layered with Steven Primo’s reliable indicators and proven trading strategies — combining the precision of data-driven tools with the intuitive interpretation you get from a chart.

Steven Primo has developed a unique set of indicators and strategies, including PET-D and the STEPS strategy. You get all of Steve’s most powerful trading tools in Primo Charts — and you won’t find them anywhere else!

Simplicity is the first thing you’ll notice. You’ll enjoy how easy it is to use Primo Charts — and fast! And that means that you’ll use them constantly to help make your trading decisions… Try it for 30-days & see for yourself!

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 SierraChart logo


Sierra Chart is a professional desktop Trading platform for the financial markets which is integrated with many externally available trading services. It supports Live and Simulated trading. Both manual and automated trading is supported.

Sierra Chart is a complete Real-time and Historical, Charting and Technical Analysis platform for the financial markets. Sierra Chart is an excellent value with low pricing to make it affordable for everyone in the community.

Sierra Chart is solid professional quality software. Designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. It has an uncomplicated interface that can handle the most demanding applications. It is developed by an experienced and competent development team that stays on top of development. It has been proven and trusted by investors/traders/clearing firms for more than a decade.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop – NimbleDataPlusLite  NimbleDataProPlus

For Server –  NimbleDataPlusLiteVM  NimbleDataProPlusVM

 Quant share logo


QuantShare is the most complete and advanced trading solution. More than 20 tools including Charting, Backtesting, Optimizing, Composites… and much more. You can display charts, add indicators, create watchlists, create trading strategies, backtest these strategies, create portfolios based on these strategies. With QuantShare trading software you have access to trading items shared by our members. This includes data downloaders, watchlists, trading systems, custom drawing tools. (+600 items). You have access to professional tools that will help you become a successful trader.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 UpData logo


Updata Analytics is the best technical analysis software you will find with over 1,000 technical indicators. Our point and figure charts are second to none along with other techniques such as ichimoku charts and market breadth indicators. Updata adds an extra dimension to your Bloomberg charting or Thomson Reuters Eikon charts. The charting package is also compatible with a host of other data sources including: Barchart, CQG, Datagenic, DTN IQ Feed, Easyscreen, eSignal, FutureSource, Quandl and Trayport. Updata is also used for backtesting technical analysis, stock scanning technical criteria and producing technical analysis reports. We also provide technical analysis training courses and technical analysis research.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 Sentient Trader logo


Sentient Trader provides Software, Education & Services to professional traders, enabling them to analyze and trade with Hurst Cycles.

We are the proud torchbearers of the 50-year old secret to the financial markets discovered by J.M. Hurst. Hurst Cycles provide insights into how prices move in TIME… knowing when the market will turn enables you to trade and invest with CONFIDENCE.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 Volfort logo


VOLFORT vision is to create a design- technology revolution, and to help with simplifying trading for people. VOLFORT is a development and research company built by traders, for traders, focused mainly on Volume Flow analysis, and made the regular charts you already know very simple and intuitive, such as candlesticks, time and sales, etc. VOLFORT’s goal achieved by making VolGraph™ Professional, institutional day trading order flow analysis software, used by professional traders in the capital market.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 Optuma logo


Optuma exists to help anyone who is serious about financial analysis. Whether you are a disciplined private trader, the portfolio manager of a trillion dollar fund, or an analyst selling research publications, we have built solutions to help you make better decisions and to simplify your work-flow.

Our products and services exist for you and to make your life easier. As a nimble engineering company, we take pride in quickly delivering outstanding quality to all our clients.

From software to education to consultation, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best solutions. Since 1996, with unrelenting customer obsession, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence, we have been helping traders, analysts and portfolio managers gain unique insights into the markets. Whether you publish chart books, quantitatively test strategies, or subjectively focus on a handful of securities, we have a solution to help you.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

 MTPredictor logo


MTPredictor is a unique set of Tools (both automatic and manual) that are designed to help you, The Trader, find trading opportunities with the aim of controlling your trading risk.

  • Find trade setups fast and easily: Scan all your markets for automatic MTPredictor TS1/2/3/4/DP and VS set-ups, of which the TS1, TS3 and TS4 also have a Wave 3 variation as well as Elliott wave patterns.
  • Automatic and manual Analysis: Quick Analysis of the Automatic and Manual setups, including full Position Sizing and Risk control.
  • Position Sizing: Keep Initial Risks small and Maximise your Profits.
  • Manual Risk/Reward Tool: For Advanced Traders to perform their own manual trade analysis.
  • Decision Point: Project “in advance” future support and resistance zones.
  • Elliott Wave Tool: Find additional set-ups on your charts using MTPredictor’s unique “Isolation approach” to Elliott Wave Analysis.
  • Manual WPT: Project “in advance” future support and resistance zones based on a manual Elliott Wave count.

Suitable Data Products :
For Desktop & Server – NimbleKey

Update (Sept 2022) : MTPredictor platform has discontinued dedicated integration with our datafeed and instead, expects users to use their NinjaTrader add-on to fetch our data into MTPredictor via NinjaTrader. To know more about how this should be configured, please see OR contact MTPredictor team directly on Please take a free trial of our datafeed and make sure it works as expected before subscribing to our data products.


Zerodha is a revolutionary online trading platform designed to allow active traders to buy and sell financial instruments such as stocks, futures & options, currencies and commodities under a never seen before brokerage-free model in order to deliver the maximum value and benefits to their clients.

Thomson Reuters (previously Omnesys Technologies)

Omnesys is a leading provider of software for Securities markets worldwide. Omnesys products range from multi-asset, multi venue trading systems, market data and connectivity solutions to buy-side and sell-side firms, consumer oriented trading terminals and websites. The main product suite Omnesys NEST is available as a firm or broker hosted model, and in a Software As a Service (SaS) Model. Omnesys NEST is a platform of choice for leading institutions, exchanges and brokers in India.

63 Moons (previously Financial Technologies)

FTIL 1.0 pioneered ‘Make in India’ technology in early 90’s for trading in financial exchanges across multiple asset classes and is #2 leader globally today by licensing volume. 63 moons operates the largest financial distribution network in India through its ODIN suite of trading terminals with close to one million licensees across 600 cities, towns and villages.


Trading Platform offered by NSE itself


Sharekhan is an online website portal for online trading, investments and stock marketing. The company was founded in February 2000 by entrepreneur Shripal and has its branches in 575 cities in India.