Zerodha Price Change Announcement – 11th June 2018

Notification Regarding Price Change for Zerodha Customers – 11th June 2018

We launched special pricing for Zerodha customers in 2012. We continued with the same prices for almost 7 years. As you are aware, cost of commodities and services is continuously increasing. The Exchange Fees have also undergone an upward change more than twice during these periods. We have upgraded from old tickerplant to brand new tickerplant with many new features this year. We added support for new platforms recently and continuously working to add support for other new platforms.
In view of the above, we have decided to increase the price of subscription for Zerodha customers by Rs.225/- per month per exchange with effect from 11th June 2018.
Please note that price of only NimbleDataPro and NimbleDataPlusLite is changed; there is no change in the price of NimbleDataProPlus.

Best Regards,
Abhay Deshpande
CEO and Founder Partner
Global Datafeeds Team
Date : 11th June 2018