Introduction to APIs

Welcome !

What is Available ?

  • Realtime & Historical Data of Indian Stocks Exchanges through APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Who this is for ?

  • Are you a stock market trader who is not happy with choice of analysis & trading platforms available in the market ? Do you wish to develop your own mobile / web / desktop application for analysis or trading ? If answer to any of these questions is Yes then you are at right place. You can power your app with Realtime & Historical Data from us.

Why Us ?

    • – You are in good and strong company. With an uptime of 99.995%, we handle 50 million data requests daily from variety of users across multiple platforms, since 2010.
    • – Build your trading on legal and trusted solutions. We are authorised realtime data vendor of NSE & MCX with redundant backup network. Our Distribution Systems are reliable and proven. Thousands of professional traders, funds, brokerage houses as well as individual investors use our realtime data products to make their trading and investment decisions every day
    • – We are the only Indian independent data vending company engaged in distribution of realtime data of Indian Exchanges into different applications. Since our data is platform independent, it can be used in your software products for any analysis / charting purpose
    • – We disseminate authentic, accurate and affordable realtime data with low latency having 1 second update frequency
    • – The data spans all symbols (currently 50000+) of the exchanges / segments covered. Includes Stocks, Futures, Options as well as ETFs, Commodities, etc.
    • – Exactly same APIs are used to integrate our data with world renowned 25+ Charting & Analysis Platforms. So you too can power your app with our data seamlessly & with confidence.
    • – Last and most important, our API Solutions are affordable

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