GetSnapshot : Returns latest Snapshot Data of multiple Symbols – max 25 in single call

Supported parameters
accessKeyAccess key according to your subscriptionRequired parameter.
exchangeString value like MCXName of supported exchange. How to get list of supported exchanges you can find here
periodicity[MINUTE]/[HOUR], default = [MINUTE]String value of required periodicity.
periodNumerical value 1, 2, 5…l default = 1Optional parameter of required period for historical data. Can be applied for [MINUTE]/[HOUR] periodicity types
instrumentIdentifiersValues of instrument identifiers, max. limit is 25 instruments per single requestHow to get list of available instruments and identifiers you can find here.
You will need to use URL Econding for instrument identifiers with special characters (like BAJAJ-AUTO, M&M, L&T, NIFTY 50, etc.) as explained here
xml[true]/[false], default = [false]Optional parameter. By default function will return JSON data. Functions will return XML data if set as [true]
formatCSVOptional parameter. When format=CSV, data in CSV format will be returned. Please make sure not to pass xml parameter (neither True nor False) when format=CSV is sent
isShortIdentifiers[true]/[false], default = [false]Optional parameter. By default function will use long instrument identifier format. Functions will use short instrument identifier format if set as [true]. Example of ShortIdentifiers are NIFTY25MAR21FUT, RELIANCE25MAR21FUT, NIFTY25MAR2115000CE, etc.
What is returned ?
InstrumentIdentifier (Symbol), Exchange, LastTradeTime, TradedQty, OpenInterest, Open, High, Low, Close
LastTradeTime : In JSON Response, this value is expressed as no. of seconds since Epoch time (i.e. 1st January 1970). Also known as Unix Time. Please Visit to get formulae to convert human readable time to Epoch and vice versa (scroll to end of their home page)
Example of returned data
[{ “CLOSE”: 17763.25, “EXCHANGE”: “NFO”, “HIGH”: 17763.25, “INSTRUMENTIDENTIFIER”: “FUTIDX_BANKNIFTY_25MAR2021_XX_0”, “TRADEDQTY”: 200, “LASTTRADETIME”: 1434710918000, “LOW”: 17763.25, “OPEN”: 17763.25, “OPENINTEREST”: 2633575},{ “CLOSE”: 1419.95, “EXCHANGE”: “NFO”, “HIGH”: 1419.95, “INSTRUMENTIDENTIFIER”: “FUTSTK_ACC_25MAR2021_XX_0”, “TRADEDQTY”: 0, “LASTTRADETIME”: 1434710916000, “LOW”: 1419.95, “OPEN”: 1419.95, “OPENINTEREST”: 0}]
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-16″ ?>


<Value Exchange=”NFO” InstrumentIdentifier=”FUTIDX_BANKNIFTY_25MAR2021_XX_0″ LastTradeTime=”6-19-2015 1:48:38 PM” TradedQty=”200″ OpenInterest=”2633575″ High=”17763.25″ Low=”17763.25″ Open=”17763.25″ Close=”17763.25″ />
<Value Exchange=”NFO” InstrumentIdentifier=”FUTSTK_ACC_25MAR2021_XX_0″ LastTradeTime=”6-19-2015 1:48:36 PM” TradedQty=”0″ OpenInterest=”0″ High=”1419.95″ Low=”1419.95″ Open=”1419.95″ Close=”1419.95″ />


CSVClose,Exchange,High,InstrumentIdentifier,TradedQty,LastTradeTime,Low,Open,OpenInterest 22385,NFO,22385,FUTIDX_NIFTY_25APR2024_XX_0,8550,1713851880000,22381,22381,9980700

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