SubscribeSnapshot : Subscribe to Realtime Snapshots data, returns data snapshot as per Periodicity & Period values

Supported parameters
Exchange String value like NFO Name of supported exchange. How to get list of supported exchanges you can find here
InstrumentIdentifier String value of instrument identifier How to get list of available instruments and identifiers you can find here
Periodicity [“MINUTE”]/[“HOUR”] String value of required periodicity.
Period 1,2,5,10,15,30 default = 1 Numerical value of required Period.
Unsubscribe [true]/[false], default = [false] Optional parameter. Buy default subscribes to Realtime data. If [true] instrumentIdentifier is unsubscribed


What is returned ?
Exchange, InstrumentIdentifier (Symbol), Periodicity, LastTradeTime, Open, High, Low, Close, TradedQty, OpenInterest
LastTradeTime : This value is expressed as no. of seconds since Epoch time (i.e. 1st January 1970). Also known as Unix Time. Please Visit to get formulae to convert human readable time to Epoch and vice versa (scroll to end of their home page)


Sample request(JavaScript)
MessageType: "SubscribeSnapshot",
Exchange: "NFO",
InstrumentIdentifier: "FUTIDX_BANKNIFTY_24NOV2016_XX_0",
Periodicity: "MINUTE",
Period: 1
var message = JSON.stringify(request);
Example of returned data in JSON format. This data returned as per Periodicity & Period values

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