Code Samples, API DLLs, Documentation

Download Code Samples, API DLLs and Documentation from below links.

Type of APICode SamplesAPI DLLs/PackagesDocumentation
WebSockets1. HTML Source

2. C# Source

3. JavaScript SourceHelp

4. Python SourceHelp

5. NodeJS SourceHelp

6. PHP Source

7. Java SourceHelp

8.SubscribeRealtime JavaScript_multiple

9. SubscribeRealtime Python_multiple
For Python library check Here.View Documentation online Here.
DotNet1. Sample to test API Application C# Application

2. Sample to test API C#

3. Sample to export RealTime data to CSV/MySQL Click Here

4. Sample to export SnapShot data to CSV/MySQL Click Here
To download DotNet API DLLs (x86 & x64), please Click HereTo download documentation of DotNet API, please Click Here.
REST1. HTML + JavaScript

2. Python SourceHelp

3. PHP Source

4. URL Requests

5. PostMan Collection
Not ApplicableView Documentation online Here.
COMC++To download COM API DLLs (x86 & x64), please Click Here.To download documentation of COM API, please Click Here.
    • Above samples show :
      – how to connect with our servers
      – how to send authentication request
      – how to send various data requests
      – how to print the server response

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