NimbleDataProPlus for ELWAVE

Last modified: February 22, 2020
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Once installation of NimbleDataProPlus / NimbleDataPlusLite is done for Elwave, you will just need to start the Elwave.

In Elwave, go to chart >> New charts. Below window will open. By default, it will automatically detect data provider as “Global Data Feeds”.

In Symbol, type required symbol name e.g. NIFTY-I.NFO in front of the symbol. Click on Search button, it will show all related symbols. Select the one along with required period and timeframe like 1, 5, 15, 30 minute, Daily etc and click on Open.

After clicking on Open button, NimbleDataProPlus Login desk will appear. When you are new to Global Data Feeds family, you need to register. This is one time process.

Enter your details and click on ‘REGISTER’ button. All fields are mandatory. It is important that you write correct email id and mobile number because activation link is sent over email / mobile.

If registration is successful, it shows message as below.

Check your email, click on “Activate Free Trial “button to activate your free trial. Once done, click on NEXT button as shown below:

Once license is activated, it will show message with expiry date of subscription as shown below:

Once you get above window then click on Ok and after that click on Login button on dashboard.

Once the connection with server gets established, the data gets fetched for requested symbol. Chart will appear as below:

Minute chart:

Daily Chart:

Data for requested scrip can be also viewed in dashboard as below:

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