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Last modified: February 22, 2020
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Global Data Feeds is now authorized data vendor for QuantShare


Minimum Requirement


QuantShare version 3.7.0 or Higher




To use our data with QuantShare, no need to install any external data plugin. You just need to install the required version of QuantShare and can have access of our data product directly.


1. Start QuantShare.



2. Goto menu Accounts >> Connect and check if you are able to view Global Datafeeds in list as per below screenshot :


If you are not able to view our data plugin in the list, kindly contact to our support team on Live Chat Support during working hours (Monday to Friday 8:15 AM to 7:15 PM & 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM on Saturday) or you can call us on +91 0253 – 2582002.


3. Now click on Accounts >> Connect >> Global Datafeeds. As soon as you willl connect to the Global Datafeeds, QuantShare will ask you to enter API key provided by us.



4. After entering key, click on close to complete the connection.



5. After establishing the connection, now move further to add symbol. For the same Menu >> Symbol >> Symbol Lookup >> Using Global Datafeeds.



6. To search symbol as per your requirement for realtime data access, do the settings as per mentioned in below window. You can also keep your required segment checked under exchanges.



7. After searching the symbol, Symbol name will appear in Long format as below:


Check the box under C column and click on Add selected symbol option >> Close. You can Select other symbols also as per your requirement.


Different symbols abbrevations/ Naming conventions are provided by us in the form of symbol list.


8. To open chart for added symbol. Click on Account >> New >> Charts. If it will  open blank chart, right click on chart, select Data Source >> Globaldatafeeds (Defaults) as per below screenshot:



On left side bottom corner of chart, change from Not Live to Globa Datafeeds (Dafault) as per below screenshot :


After selecting proper Data Source Chart will open as below:










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