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Global Data Feeds now provides Realtime data in Microsoft Excel
Global Data Feeds FREE trial for Nimble Excel – 32 and 64 bit.
Minimum Requirement :
  • Standalone Microsoft Excel 2007 to Version 2021 (32 or 64 bit). Excel through Office 365 will  work
  • Dotnet 4.0.
  • Supported Operating Systems : as supported by Microsoft Excel.
  • If you are behind firewall, you will need to open port 4531, 4525.
  • You will need to grant ‘all access’ to our applications through your Windows Firewalls, Anti-virus, external firewalls installed by your Anti-virus programs.
Download NimbleExcel plugin from our website.
Once you download the plugin, add it in Excel as per below steps :
First, unzip the plugin to suitable folder
Start Microsoft Excel >> File >> Option :
Select Add-Ins >> Click on “Go”
You will get the following window >> Click on Browse:
Select the path of Plugin >> Click on required folder >> Open:
Select NimbleExcel-AddIn-Packed and click on Ok button :
Then you will get the “NimbleExcel Add-In” in Add-Ins list, select it and click on “OK”.
Registration :
For fresh users, it will ask for registration after selecting Excel Add-In. Registration is one time activity. For registration, you need to enter Name, Email & Phone Number. All fields are mandatory.
Kindly enter valid email Id & mobile number else you will not receive activation link over mail to activate the product.
Once registration is done, it will show you message as per below screenshot:
Please check your email at this stage. You should receive a mail from us with activation link. Please click on the link received to activate your copy of the data product.
Connection :
Once License is activated connection will be established. License activation is one time process so everytime you will open the Excel connection will get established automatically as per below screenshot:
License Transfer :
To use NimbleExcel, each user must register before he can use the product (paid as well as trial user). Registration is a one time process and it creates a license for the user. Whenever user wants to use NimbleExcel on another computer, he will need to transfer his license to another computer. In NimbleExcel, license transfer is fully automatic.
Planned License Transfer : Here, user first deactivates his license from existing computer. Then he installs / runs NimbleExcel on another computer and activates NimbleExcel. The steps are :
If you want to view your license details and want to tranfer, please follow below steps as per screenshot:
Enter the command “=Nimble_About()” in any cell.
After entering the above command, you will get the detail information about your License on the same window. Under the same window, you will be able to transfer the license from old computer to new computer which is fully automatic.
After clicking on License Transfer following window will appear:
You just need to click on ‘Submit’ button and you will get the link of ‘License Deactivation’ over your registered email Id and will show you message as per below screenshot.
After deactivation, if you want to use the same license on another system, you need to register again using the same email Id.
Use same email id as used on the old computer to register on new computer. This will map your subscription settings on your new computer automatically.
To view Realtime data :
Get Exchange : To view exchange, please enter the command as per below screenshot :
All Exchanges :To get all exchanges, need to use Resize Array.
Get Instrument details : To get the list of instrument identifier and token numbers for Greeks functions, please follow below steps :
Historical Data : To view historical data for selected symbol, please follow below steps :
To view the graph of historical data, please refer :
Last Traded Price (LTP) : To view last traded price, please use =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”LastTradePrice”) as below:
Open : To view Open price, please use =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”Open”)
Other useful commands are as below:
High : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”High”)
Low : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”Low”)
Close : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”Close”)
Change : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”Change”)
Volume : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”TotalQtyTraded”)
Time : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”LastTradeTime”)
Bid Price : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”BuyPrice”)
Bid Qty : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”BuyQty”)
Ask Price : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”SellPrice”)
Sell Qty : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”SellQty”)
Open Interest : =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”OpenInterest”)
AverageTradedPrice: =Nimble_SubscribeRealtime(D4,E4,”AverageTradedPrice”)
For Exchanges like NFO,NSE,NSE_IDX & MCX, you may follow the same procedure as above:
For NSE:
For CDS:
For MCX:
Greeks in excel
SubscribeRealtimeGreeks : Subscribe to Realtime Greeks values in single token, returns market data every second.
GetLastQuoteOptionGreeks : Return Last Traded Option Greek values of single symbol
GetLastQuoteArrayOptionGreeks : Return Last Traded Option Greek values of multiple symbols- max 25 in single cell.
GetLastQuoteOptionGreeksChain : Return Last Traded Option Greek values of entire option chain of requested underlying.
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