NimbleKey for Updata

Last modified: February 22, 2020
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Global Data Feeds is now authorized data vendor for Updata


Minimum Requirement

Updata version 10.1 or Higher



To use our data with Updata, no need to install our any data products. You just need to install the required version of Updata and use our data directly.


1. If you are using Updata first time and want to configure with Global Datafeeds, click on start button and search “Updata Feed Configuration” and click on it.

It will open the configuration window. Kindly folllow below steps to configure Global Datafeeds with Updata.




Once updata started and connectivity has been confirmed, goto menu Charts and click on New Chart button as per below screenshot :



It will open the chart window. Select GLOBALDATAFEEDS tab and exchanges for which you want to open the chart.



Now type the symbol name and it will search symbol from next box and click on Select button.


By default, it will open chart in Daily timeframe. You can change timeframe as per below screenshot :


How to change chart timeframe :


Tick Chart :


Minute Chart :





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